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Large-scale genetic perturbations reveal regulatory networks and an abundance of gene-specific repressors
P. Kemmeren*, K. Sameith*, L.A.L. van de Pasch*, J.J. Benschop*, T.L. Lenstra*, T. Margaritis*, E. O'Duibhir, E. Apweiler, S. van Wageningen, C.W. Ko, S. van Heesch, M.M. Kashani, G. Ampatziadis-Michailidis, M.O. Brok, N.A.C.H. Brabers, A.J. Miles, D. Bouwmeester, S.R. van Hooff, E. Sluiters, L.V. Bakker, B. snel, P. Lijnzaad, D. van Leenen, M.J.A. Groot Koerkamp, F.C.P. Holstege

* Contributed equally

Please note that due to a mistake in exporting the gene-expression profiles of all mutants, not all mutants were present in the full dataset provided in the download section. Please download this data (deleteome_all_mutants_ext_wt_var_controls.txt and/or deleteome_all_mutants_controls.txt) again if you downloaded this before May 7th 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The following paper may also be of interest since it describes gene expression changes common to slower growing (deletion) strains and conditions:
"Cell cycle population effects in perturbation studies", Molecular Systems Biology 2014

A dataset for all deletion strains whereby the slow growth signature has been removed is available from the MSB website as well as from the download section of this website.

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